• Origin:Turkey
  • Availability:3-4 Working Days
  • Width:85 cm. for Rush Mat Vinyl
    100 cm. for Matt Vinyl, Plain Non-Woven
    131 cm. for Jet-tex Comfort and Textile-Backed Vinyl
  • Fire Rating:B-s1, d0 – Matt Vinyl and Jet-Tex Comfort
    C-s1, d0 – Plain Non-Woven
    B-s2, d0 – Rush Mat Vinyl
    ASTM-E84 - Class A – Textile backed vinyl
  • Paper Type:Matt Vinyl
    Rush Mat Vinyl
    Plain Non-Woven
    Textile-backed Vinyl
    Jet-tex Comfort
  • Weight Per M² :180 grams - Plain Non-Woven
    250 grams - Matt Vinyl
    300 grams - Rush Mat Vinyl
    340 grams, 15 OZ - Textile-Backed Vinyl
    390 grams - Jet-tex Comfort
  • Area of Use:General areas, high traffic areas, wet areas, healthcare projects
  • Features:Resistance to scratches,water repellent, washable, has good light fastness,high image quality, VOC A+ Interior Emission