• Origin:Turkey
  • Availability:3-4 Working Days
  • Width:90 cm. for Rush Mat Vinyl
    100 cm. for Matt Vinyl, Plain and Metallic Non-Woven
    131 cm. for Jet-tex Comfort and Textile-Backed Vinyl
  • Fire Rating:B-s1, d0 – Matte Vinyl and Jet-Tex Comfort
    C-s1, d0 – Metallic Non-Woven and Plain Non-Woven
    B-s2, d0 – Rush Mat Vinyl
    ASTM-E84 - Class A – Textile backed vinyl
  • Paper Type:Matt Vinyl
    Rush Mat Vinyl
    Plain Non-Woven
    Metallic Non-Woven
    Textile-backed Vinyl
    Jet-tex Comfort
  • Weight Per M² :180 grams - Plain Non-Woven
    250 grams - Matt Vinyl, Metallic Non-Woven
    300 grams - Rush Mat Vinyl
    340 grams, 15 OZ - Textile-Backed Vinyl
    390 grams - Jet-tex Comfort
  • Area of Use:General areas, high traffic areas, wet areas, healthcare projects
  • Features:Resistance to scratches,water repellent, washable, has good light fastness,high image quality, VOC A+ Interior Emission

HD Walls Digital that includes our unique designs provides full customization on wallpaper designs. Each collection has it's certain style. In Digital Collection 02 you can find abstract designs, a collage of modern and classical figures on concrete-like, greyish textures. From ancient Rome to modern-day New York, from Galata Tower in Istanbul to Tokyo in 19th century, you may find many designs that are related to symbolic architectures around the world in Digital Collection 02. Each design is simulated and created specifically upon custom wall dimensions. You may have your touch on the design and enrichen it with texts, alteration in colors and etc. We can print samples on requested paper types and upon your feedback we can make the final changes on the design. HD WALLS DIGITAL 03 collection that is released on Q3, 2019 includes designs in tropical style and their adaptations to the modern world, as well as semi-modern romantic designs. All of the designs are printable on 6 different paper types that have different characteristics and textures.