HD WALLS DIGITAL- The Choice of High Class Restaurants



HD Walls Digital designs being used in Big Chef''s, Sushico ve Cookshop Restaurants

In HD Walls Digital, besides the unique patterns in the collection, the visuals designed specifically for the project can be printed on six different paper types. In addition to the Big Chef's projects that have been going on in recent years, specially developed designs are used in the renovation projects of Sushico and Cookshop restaurants that have been opened in the last few months. In Cookshop, located in Metropol Shopping Mall, which started its activities last year, designs specially developed for each wall were applied on three different walls in cooperation with Erhan Sağır Interior Architecture. Particularly, the wallpaper with artistic painting effect, applied on the 6.5-meter-high wall, draws attention. In six different Sushico branches opened in the last three months, a red colored, geometric, oriental pattern specially designed with a red color in cooperation with Page Architecture was used.


Different Paper Type for Each Project

For each project, samples of paper types selected or intended to be used specifically for that project are shared with business developers and architects, and customers are fully supported in the process from making the necessary revisions to the final selection. The company's design team can develop special designs that are required to be used in projects in a short time such as 5-6 days, so you can choose freely without being within limited designs.


Custom Wallpaper Design Application in Marcel Patisserie in Istanbul


Several walls were covered in Marcel Patisserie in Yenikoy, Istanbul with digital printing on textile-backed vinyl wallpaper type. A custom tropical design was created for one big wall just near the staicase and walls behind each table were covered with black and white goose-foot design to match the rest of the decoration elements. The wall on WC was covered with bold black and white horizontally striped wallpaper. All prints were done on textile-backed vinyl which causes the prints to look lively and with it's damage resistance feature it is a popular paper type to be used in high traffic areas.



Timeless, Iconic Designs

HD WALLS DIGITAL COLLECTION 03, based on aesthetic values, featuring timeless iconic designs, is the third digital collection of the HD WALLS brand. The catalog contains the unique styles of 3 different designers; creations that attract themselves with their energy, color and design qualities are remarkable. All designs can be adjusted according to the wall size and requested changes can be made to the figures and objects in the patterns. In HD WALLS DIGITAL COLLECTION 03  -where personalization on the designs are optional- each of the designs that will add freshness and aesthetics to the interior spaces are uniquely created for HD WALLS.

Printing on Six Different Paper Types

HD WALLS DIGITAL COLLECTION 03 has four different paper types compared to the previous collection and a total of six paper types.  PVC-free, 100% ecological, plain and metallic textured "non-woven", PVC-free 100% polyester content, tear-resistant, heavy weight Jet Tex Comfort are fully ecological and suitable for use in high-traffic areas, fabric-textured textile-based vinyl, mat-woven paper-based do not have harmful components for health which are also available to be used in high traffic areas. There is a wide range of paper base alternatives for all projects with rush-mat vinyl and matt looking vinyl wallpaper with smooth surface. In addition, it is possible to obtain eye-catching designs with black color in four different shades of metallic non-woven wallpaper.



We applied custom designs on 3 walls of brand new Cookshop Restaurant in Metropol Shopping Mall in Istanbul, Ataasehir. All of the designs are specifically created for this project and the one with watercolor, canvas-like wallpaper design on the 6,5 x 6,5 meters wall look especially stunning. All of the designs are printed on Rush-mat vinyl paper type (origin: Japan)